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86.19 Reporting of proceedings.

1. The industrial commissioner, or a deputy commissioner, may appoint or may direct a party to furnish at the party's initial expense a certified shorthand reporter to be present and report, or to furnish mechanical means to record, and if necessary, transcribe proceedings of any contested case under this chapter, chapters 85 and 85A and fix the reasonable amount of compensation for such service. The charges shall be taxed as costs and the party initially paying the expense of the presence or transcription shall be reimbursed. The reporter shall faithfully and accurately report the proceedings.

2. Notwithstanding the requirements of section 17A.12, subsection 7, a certified shorthand reporter, appointed by the presiding officer in a contested case proceeding or by the industrial commissioner in an appeal proceeding, may maintain and thus have the responsibility for the recording or stenographic notes for the period required by section 17A.12, subsection 7.

Section History: Early form

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Taxation of costs, § 86.40

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