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80A.2 Persons exempt.

This chapter does not apply to the following:

1. An officer or employee of the United States, of a state, or a political subdivision of the United States or of a state while the officer or employee is engaged in the performance of official duties.

2. A peace officer engaged in the private security business or the private investigation business with the knowledge and consent of the chief executive officer of the peace officer's law enforcement agency.

3. A person employed full or part-time by one employer in connection with the affairs of the employer.

4. An attorney licensed to practice in Iowa, while performing duties as an attorney.

5. A person engaged exclusively in the business of obtaining and furnishing information regarding the financial rating or standing and credit of persons.

6. A person exclusively employed in making investigations and adjustments for insurance companies.

7. A person who is the legal owner of personal property which has been sold under a security agreement or a conditional sales agreement, or a secured party under the terms of a security interest while the person is performing acts relating to the repossession of the property.

8. A person engaged in the process of verifying the credentials of physicians and allied health professionals applying for hospital staff privileges.

Section History: Recent form

84 Acts, ch 1135, § 1; 84 Acts, ch 1235, § 2; 92 Acts, ch 1183, § 1

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