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7C.5 Formula for allocation.

Except as provided in section 7C.4A, subsections 1 through 4, the state ceiling shall be allocated among all political subdivisions on a statewide basis on the basis of the chronological orders of receipt by the governor's designee of the applications described in section 7C.6 with respect to a definitive issue of bonds, as determined by the day, hour, and minute time-stamped on the application immediately upon receipt by the governor's designee. However, for the period January 1 through October 25 of each year, allocations to bonds for which an amount of the state ceiling has been reserved pursuant to section 7C.4A, subsection 5, shall be made to the political subdivisions submitting the applications first from the reserved amount until the reserved amount has been fully allocated and then from the amount specified in section 7C.4A, subsection 6.

Section History: Recent form

85 Acts, ch 225, § 7; 87 Acts, ch 171, § 5

Internal References

Referred to in § 7C.4A, 7C.12

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