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68B.34 Investigation by independent special counsel---probable cause.

The purpose of an investigation by the independent special counsel is to determine whether there is probable cause to proceed with an adjudicatory hearing on the matter. In conducting investigations and holding hearings, the independent special counsel may require by subpoena the attendance and testimony of witnesses and may subpoena books, papers, records, and any other real evidence relating to the matter before the independent special counsel. The independent special counsel shall have the additional authority provided in section 17A.13. If the independent special counsel determines at any stage in the proceedings that take place prior to hearing that the complaint is without merit, the independent special counsel shall report that determination to the appropriate ethics committee and the complaint shall be dismissed and the complainant and the party charged shall be notified. If, after investigation, the independent special counsel determines evidence exists which, if proven, would support a finding of a violation of this chapter, a finding of probable cause shall be made and reported to the ethics committee, and a hearing shall be ordered by the ethics committee as provided in section 68B.31. Independent special counsel investigations are not meetings of a governmental body within the meaning of chapter 21, and records and information obtained by independent special counsel during investigations are confidential until disclosed to a legislative ethics committee under section 68B.31.

Section History: Recent form

92 Acts, ch 1228, § 16; 93 Acts, ch 163, § 20

Internal References

Referred to in §22.7

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