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668.13 Interest on judgments.

Interest shall be allowed on all money due on judgments and decrees on actions brought pursuant to this chapter, subject to the following:

1. Interest, except interest awarded for future damages, shall accrue from the date of the commencement of the action.

2. If the interest rate is fixed by a contract on which the judgment or decree is rendered, the interest allowed shall be at the rate expressed in the contract, not exceeding the maximum rate permitted under section 535.2.

3. Interest shall be calculated as of the date of judgment at a rate equal to the coupon issue yield equivalent, as determined by the United States secretary of the treasury, of the average accepted auction price for the last auction of fifty-two week United States treasury bills settled immediately prior to the date of the judgment. The state court administrator shall distribute notice monthly of that rate and any changes to that rate to all district courts.

4. Interest awarded for future damages shall not begin to accrue until the date of the entry of the judgment.

5. Interest shall be computed daily to the date of the payment, except as may otherwise be ordered by the court pursuant to a structured judgment under section 668.3, subsec- tion 7.

6. Structured, periodic, or other nonlump-sum payments ordered pursuant to section 668.3, subsection 7, shall reflect interest in accordance with annuity principles.

Section History: Recent form

87 Acts, ch 157, §8

Internal References

Referred to in § 523B.7, 535.3, 602.1209

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