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654C.5 Mediation agreement.

1. If an agreement is reached between all parties, the mediator shall draft a written mediation agreement, which shall be signed by the parties. The mediation agreement shall provide for a waiver which the mediator shall file in the office of the recorder of deeds of the county in which the benefited land is located, as provided in section 455B.165. The mediator shall forward a mediation agreement to the farm mediation service.

2. The parties agreeing to mediation shall participate in at least one mediation meeting. A party to a dispute may be represented by another person, if the person participates in mediation and has authority to discuss the dispute on behalf of the party being represented. This section does not require a party to reach an agreement. This section does not require a person to change a position, alter an activity which is a subject of the dispute, alter an application for a permit for construction of an animal feeding operation, or restructure a contract.

3. The parties to the mediation agreement may enforce the mediation agreement as a legal contract.

4. If the parties do not agree to proceed with mediation, or if a mediation agreement is not reached, the parties may sign a statement prepared by the mediator that mediation proceedings were not conducted or concluded or that the parties did not reach an agreement.

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95 Acts, ch 195, §31

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