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654B.4 Initial mediation meeting.

1. Unless both parties to the dispute waive mediation, within twenty-one days after receiving a mediation request, the farm mediation service shall send a mediation meeting notice to all parties to the dispute setting a time and place for an initial mediation meeting between the parties and a mediator directed by the farm mediation service to assist in mediation. An initial mediation meeting shall be held within twenty-one days of the issuance of the mediation meeting notice.

2. If a person receives a mediation meeting notice under this section, the person shall not continue civil proceedings based on a claim relating to a dispute subject to this chapter, unless the court determines after notice and hearing that one of the following applies:

a. The time delay required for the mediation would cause the person to suffer irreparable harm.

b. The dispute involves a claim which has been brought as a class action.

3. At the meeting, a party to the dispute may be represented by counsel or appear with a consultant to assist the party in mediation.

Section History: Recent form

90 Acts, ch 1143, §19

Internal References

Referred to in § 654B.9

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