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602.9206 Temporary service by senior judge.

Section 602.1612 does not apply to a senior judge but does apply to a retired senior judge. During the tenure of a senior judge, if the judge is able to serve, the judge may be assigned by the supreme court to temporary judicial duties on courts of this state without salary for an aggregate of thirteen weeks out of each twelve-month period, and for additional weeks with the judge's consent. A senior judge shall not be assigned to judicial duties on the supreme court unless the judge has been appointed to serve on the supreme court prior to retirement. While serving on temporary assignment, a senior judge has and may exercise all of the authority of the office to which the judge is assigned, shall continue to be paid the judge's annuity as senior judge, shall be reimbursed for the judge's actual expenses to the extent expenses of a district judge are reimbursable under section 602.1509, may, if permitted by the assignment order, appoint a temporary court reporter, who shall be paid the remuneration and reimbursement for actual expenses provided by law for a reporter in the court to which the senior judge is assigned, and, if assigned to the court of appeals or the supreme court, shall be given the assistance of a law clerk and a secretary designated by the court administrator of the judicial department from the court administrator's staff. Each order of temporary assignment shall be filed with the clerks of court at the places where the senior judge is to serve.

A senior judge also shall be available to serve in the capacity of administrative law judge under chapter 17A upon the request of an agency, and the supreme court may assign a senior judge for temporary duties as an administrative law judge. A senior judge shall not be required to serve a period of time as an administrative law judge which, when added to the period of time being served by the person as a judge, if any, would exceed the maximum period of time the person agreed to serve pursuant to section 602.9203, subsection 2.

Section History: Early form

[C81, § 605A.26]

Section History: Recent form

83 Acts, ch 186, § 10202(2) ~ICS83, § 602.9206 ~I88 Acts, ch 1109, §30; 90 Acts, ch 1271, § 1512

Internal References

Referred to in § 4.1, 602.1101, 602.9110

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