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602.8104 Records and books.

1. The records of the court consist of the original papers filed in all proceedings.

2. The following books shall be kept by the clerk:

a. A record book which contains the entries of the proceedings of the court and which has an index referring to each proceeding in each cause under the names of the parties, both plaintiff and defendant, and under the name of each person named in either party.

b. A judgment docket which contains an abstract of the judgments having separate columns for the names of the parties, the date of the judgment, the damages recovered, costs, the date of the issuance and return of executions, the entry of satisfaction, and other memoranda. The docket shall have an index containing the information specified in paragraph "a".

c. A cash journal in which is listed in detail the costs and fees in each action or proceeding under the title of the action or proceeding. The cash journal shall also have an index containing the information specified in paragraph "a".

d. An encumbrance book in which the sheriff shall enter a statement of the levy of each attachment on real estate.

e. An appearance docket in which the titles of all actions or special proceedings shall be entered. The actions or proceedings shall be numbered consecutively in the order in which they commence and shall include the full names of the parties, plaintiffs and defendants, as contained in the petition or as subsequently made parties by a pleading, proceeding, or order. The entries provided for in this paragraph and paragraphs "b" and "c" may be combined in one book, the combination docket, which shall also have an index containing the information specified in paragraph "a".

f. A lien book in which an index of all liens in the court are kept.

g. A record of official bonds as provided in section 64.24.

h. A cemetery record as provided in section 566.4.

i. A hospital lien docket as provided in section 582.4.

j. A marriage license book as provided in section 595.6.

k. A book of surety company certificates and revocations as provided in section 636.13.

l. A book in which the deposits of funds, money, and securities kept by the clerk are recorded as provided in section 636.37.

Section History: Recent form

83 Acts, ch 186, § 9104, 10201; 85 Acts, ch 67, §60; 91 Acts, ch 116, § 9, 10

Internal References

Referred to in § 631.2

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