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602.4202 Rulemaking procedure.

1. The supreme court shall submit a rule or form prescribed by the supreme court under section 602.4201 or puruant to any other rulemaking authority specifically made subject to this section to the legislative council and shall at the same time report the rule or form to the chairpersons and ranking members of the senate and house committees on judiciary. The legislative service bureau shall make recommendations to the supreme court on the proper style and format of rules and forms required to be submitted to the legislative council under this subsection.

2. A rule or form submitted as required under subsection 1 takes effect sixty days after submission to the legislative council, or at a later date specified by the supreme court, unless the legislative council, within sixty days after submission and by a majority vote of its members, delays the effective date of the rule or form to a date as provided in subsection 3.

3. The effective date of a rule or form submitted during the period of time beginning February 15 and ending February 14 of the next calendar year may be delayed by the legislative council until May 1 of that next calendar year.

4. A rule or form submitted as required under subsection 1 and effective on or before July 1 shall be bound with the Acts of the general assembly meeting in regular session in the calendar year in which the July 1 falls.

5. If the general assembly enacts a bill changing a rule or form, the general assembly's enactment supersedes a conflicting provision in the rule or form as submitted by the supreme court.

Section History: Recent form

83 Acts, ch 186, § 5202, 10201; 85 Acts, ch 197, §14

Internal References

Referred to in § 2.42, 2B.10, 232.8, 602.4102, 602.4201, 602.4303, 684A.6, 813.4

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