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602.1302 State funding.

1. Except as otherwise provided by sections 602.1303 and 602.1304 or other applicable law, the expenses of operating and maintaining the department shall be paid out of the general fund of the state from funds appropriated by the general assembly for the department. State funding shall be phased in as provided in section 602.11101.

2. The supreme court may accept federal funds to be used in the operation of the department, but shall not expend any of these funds except pursuant to appropriation of the funds by the general assembly.

3. A revolving fund is created in the state treasury for the payment of jury and witness fees and mileage by the department. The department shall deposit any reimbursements to the state for the payment of jury and witness fees and mileage in the revolving fund. Notwithtanding section 8.33, unencumbered and unobligated receipts in the revolving fund at the end of a fiscal year do not revert to the general fund of the state. The department shall on or before February 1 file a financial accounting of the moneys in the revolving fund with the legislative fiscal bureau. The accounting shall include an estimate of disbursements from the revolving fund for the remainder of the fiscal year and for the next fiscal year.

4. The department shall reimburse counties for the costs of witness and mileage fees and for attorney fees paid pursuant to section 232.141, subsection 1.

Section History: Recent form

83 Acts, ch 186, § 1302, 10201; 85 Acts, ch 197, §11; 87 Acts, ch 152, §2; 95 Acts, ch 207, § 23

Internal References

Referred to in § 909.10


Local court property devoted for use of judicial department; § 602.11107

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