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602.1209 General duties of the state court administrator.

The state court administrator shall:

1. Manage the judicial department.

2. Administer funds appropriated to the department.

3. Authorize the filling of vacant court-employee positions, review the qualifications of each person to be employed within the department, and assure that affirmative action goals are being met by the department. The state court administrator shall not approve the employment of a person when either the proposed terms and conditions of employment or the qualifications of the individual do not satisfy personnel policies of the department. The administrator shall implement the comparable worth directives issued under section 602.1204, subsection 2 in all court employment decisions.

4. Supervise the employees of the supreme court and court of appeals, and the clerk of the supreme court.

5. Administer the judicial retirement system as provided in article 9.

6. Collect and compile information and statistical data, and submit reports relating to judicial business, including juvenile court activities and other matters relating to the department.

7. Formulate and submit recommendations for improvement of the judicial system, with reference to the structure of the department and its organization and methods of operation, the selection, compensation, number, and tenure of judicial officers and court employees, and other matters as directed by the chief justice or the supreme court.

8. Call conferences of district court administrators as necessary in the administration of the department.

9. Provide a secretary and clerical services for the board of examiners of shorthand reporters under article 3.

10. Act as executive secretary of the commission on judicial qualifications under article 2.

11. Act as custodian of the bonds and oaths of office of judicial officers and court employees.

12. Issue vouchers for the payment of per diem and expenses from funds appropriated for purposes of articles 2, 3, and 10.

13. Collect and account for fees paid to the board of examiners of shorthand reporters under article 3.

14. Collect and account for fees paid to the board of bar examiners under article 10.

15. Distribute notices of interest rates and changes to interest rates as required by section 668.13, subsection 3.

16. Perform other duties as assigned by the supreme court, or the chief justice, or by law.

Section History: Recent form

83 Acts, ch 186, § 1209, 10201; 87 Acts, ch 157, §2; 89 Acts, ch 19, §2

Internal References

Referred to in § 602.1402

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