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56.5 Organization statement.

1. Every committee, as defined in this chapter, shall file a statement of organization within ten days from the date of its organization. Unless formal organization has previously occurred, a committee is deemed to have organized as of the date that committee transactions exceed the financial activity threshold established in section 56.2, subsection 5 or 16.

2. The statement of organization shall include:

a. The name, purpose, mailing address, and telephone number of the committee. The committee name shall not duplicate the name of another committee organized under this section. For candidate's committees filing initial statements of organization on or after July 1, 1995, the candidate's name shall be contained within the committee name.

b. The name, mailing address, and position of the committee officers.

c. The name, address, office sought, and the party affiliation of all candidates whom the committee is supporting and, if the committee is supporting the entire ticket of any party, the name of the party. If, however, the committee is supporting several candidates who are not identified by name or are not of the same political affiliation, the committee may provide a statement of purpose in lieu of candidate names or political party affiliation.

d. The disposition of funds which will be made in the event of dissolution if the committee is not a statutory committee.

e. Such other information as may be required by this chapter or rules adopted pursuant to this chapter.

f. A signed statement by the treasurer of the committee and the candidate, in the case of a candidate's committee, which shall verify that they are aware of the requirement to file disclosure reports if the committee, the committee officers, the candidate, or both the committee officers and the candidate receive contributions in excess of five hundred dollars in the aggregate, make expenditures in excess of five hundred dollars in the aggregate, or incur indebtedness in excess of five hundred dollars in the aggregate in a calendar year for the purpose of supporting or opposing any candidate for public office. In the case of political committees, statements shall be made by the treasurer of the committee and the chairperson.

g. The identification of any parent entity or other affiliates or sponsors.

h. The name of the financial institution in which the committee receipts will be deposited.

3. Any change in information previously submitted in a statement of organization or notice in case of dissolution of the committee shall be reported to the board or commissioner not more than thirty days from the date of the change or dissolution.

4. A list, by office and district, of all candidates who have filed an affidavit of candidacy in the office of the secretary of state shall be prepared by the secretary of state and delivered to the board not more than ten days after the last day for filing nomination papers.

5. A committee or organization not organized as a committee under this section which makes a contribution to a candidate's committee or political committee organized in Iowa shall disclose each contribution to the board. A committee or organization not organized as a committee under this section which is not registered and filing full disclosure reports of all financial activities with the federal election commission or another state's disclosure commission shall register and file full disclosure reports with the board pursuant to this chapter, and shall either appoint an eligible Iowa elector as committee or organization treasurer, or shall maintain all committee funds in an account in a financial institution located in Iowa. A committee which is currently filing a disclosure report in another jurisdiction shall either file a statement of organization under subsections 1 and 2 and file disclosure reports, the same as those required of committees organized only in Iowa, under section 56.6, or shall file one copy of a verified statement with the board and a second copy with the treasurer of the committee receiving the contribution. The form shall be completed and filed at the time the contribution is made. The verified statement shall be on forms prescribed by the board and shall attest that the committee is filing reports with the federal election commission or in a jurisdiction with reporting requirements which are substantially similar to those of this chapter, and that the contribution is made from an account which does not accept contributions which would be in violation of section 56.15. The form shall include the complete name, address, and telephone number of the contributing committee, the state or federal jurisdiction under which it is registered or operates, the identification of any parent entity or other affiliates or sponsors, its purpose, the name, address, and signature of an Iowa resident authorized to receive service of original notice and the name and address of the receiving committee, the amount of the cash or in-kind contribution, and the date the contribution was made.

Section History: Early form

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Section History: Recent form

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Internal References

Referred to in § 56.4, 56.14

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