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543D.4 Iowa real estate appraiser board.

A real estate appraiser examining board is established within the professional licensing and regulation division of the department of commerce. The board consists of seven members, two of whom shall be public members and five of whom shall be real estate appraisers.

1. The governor shall appoint the members of the board who are subject to confirmation by the senate. The governor may remove a member for cause.

2. Appointees shall possess or maintain at least those standards of ethics, education, and experience required by federal regulations.

3. Each real estate appraiser member of the board appointed after January 1, 1992, must be a certified real estate appraiser. The governor shall attempt to represent each class of certified appraisers in making the appointments.

4. The term of each member is three years; except that, of the members first appointed, two shall be appointed for two years and two shall be appointed for one year.

5. Upon expiration of their terms, members of the board shall continue to hold office until the appointment and qualification of their successors. A person shall not serve as a member of the board for more than two consecutive terms.

6. The public members of the board shall not engage in the practice of real estate appraising.

7. The board shall meet at least once each calendar quarter to conduct its business.

8. The members of the board shall elect a chairperson from among the members to preside at board meetings.

9. A quorum of the board is four members. At least three of the four members shall be appraiser members.

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89 Acts, ch 290, §4 ~ICS89, § 117B.4 ~IC93, § 543D.4

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