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514E.7 Policies---eligible persons---dependent coverage---preexisting conditions.

1. Except as otherwise provided in subsection 5, a person is not eligible for an association policy if the person, at the effective date of coverage, has or will have coverage under any insurance plan that has coverage equivalent to an association policy. Only residents of this state are eligible for an association policy. Coverage under an association policy is in excess of, and shall not duplicate, coverage under any other form of health insurance.

2. A person is eligible to apply for an association policy only if that person has been rejected for similar health insurance coverage or is only offered health insurance coverage at a rate exceeding the association rate.

3. An association policy shall provide that coverage of a dependent unmarried person terminates when the person becomes nineteen years of age or, if the person is enrolled full time in an accredited educational institution, terminates at twenty-five years of age. The policy shall also provide in substance that attainment of the limiting age does not operate to terminate coverage when the person is and continues to be both of the following:

a. Incapable of self-sustaining employment by reason of mental retardation or physical disability.

b. Primarily dependent for support and maintenance upon the person in whose name the contract is issued.

Proof of incapacity and dependency must be furnished to the carrier within one hundred twenty days of the person's attain- ment of the limiting age, and subsequently as may be required by the carrier, but not more frequently than annually after the two-year period following the person's attainment of the limiting age.

4. An association policy that provides coverage for a family member of the person in whose name the contract is issued shall also provide, as to the family member's coverage, that the health insurance benefits applicable for children include the coverage required under section 514C.1.

5. An association policy may contain provisions under which coverage is excluded during a period of six months following the effective date of coverage as to a given covered individual for preexisting conditions, as long as either of the following exists:

a. The condition has manifested itself within a period of six months before the effective date of coverage in such a manner as would cause an ordinarily prudent person to seek diagnosis or treatment.

b. Medical advice or treatment was recommended or received within a period of six months before the effective date of coverage.

These preexisting condition exclusions shall be waived to the extent to which similar exclusions have been satisfied under any prior health insurance coverage which was involuntarily terminated, if the application for pool coverage is made not later than thirty days following the involuntary termination. For purposes of this subsection, involuntary termination includes, but is not limited to, termination of coverage when a conversion policy is not available or where benefits under a state or federal law providing for continuation of coverage upon termination of employment will cease or have ceased. In that case, coverage in the pool shall be effective from the date on which the prior coverage was terminated.

This subsection does not prohibit preexisting conditions coverage in an association policy that is more favorable to the insured than that specified in this subsection.

If the association policy contains a waiting period for preexisting conditions, an insured may retain any existing coverage the person has under an insurance plan that has coverage equivalent to the association policy for the duration of the waiting period only.

6. An individual is not eligible for coverage by the association if any of the following apply:

a. The individual is at the time of application eligible for health care benefits under chapter 249A.

b. The individual has terminated coverage by the association within the past twelve months.

c. The individual is an inmate of a public institution or is eligible for public programs for which medical care is provided.

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86 Acts, ch 1156, § 7; 90 Acts, ch 1163, §1--;3; 96 Acts, ch 1129, § 113

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