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514E.5 Expenses excluded.

Eligible expenses shall not include an expense for any of the following:

1. Services for which a charge is not made in the absence of insurance or for which there is no legal obligation on the part of a patient to pay.

2. Services and charges made for benefits provided under the laws of the United States, including Medicare and Medicaid, military service-connected disabilities, medical services provided for members of the armed forces and their dependents or for employees of the armed forces of the United States, and medical services financed on behalf of all citizens by the United States.

However, the association policy shall pay benefits as a primary payer in any case where benefit coverage provided under the laws of the United States, including Medicare and Medicaid, or under the laws of this state is, by rule or statute, secondary to all other coverages.

3. Benefits which would duplicate the provision of services or payment of charges for any care for an injury, disease, or condition for which either of the following applies:

a. It arises out of and in the course of an employment subject to a workers' compensation or similar law.

b. Benefits for it are payable without regard to fault under a coverage required to be contained in any motor vehicle or other liability insurance policy or equivalent self- insurance. However, this does not authorize exclusion of charges that exceed the benefits payable under the applicable workers' compensation or no-fault coverage.

4. Care which is primarily for a custodial or domiciliary purpose.

5. Cosmetic surgery unless provided as the result of an injury or medically necessary surgical procedure.

6. Services the provision of which is not within the scope of the license or certificate of the institution or individual rendering the services.

7. That part of any charge for services or articles rendered or prescribed by a health care provider which exceeds the prevailing charge in the locality where the service is provided, or a charge for services or articles not medically necessary.

8. Services rendered prior to the effective date of coverage under this plan for the person on whose behalf the expense is incurred.

9. Routine physical examinations including examinations to determine the need for eye glasses and hearing aids.

10. Illness or injury due to an act of war.

11. Service of a blood donor and any fee for failure to replace the first three pints of blood provided to an eligible person each calendar year.

12. Personal supplies or services provided by a health care facility or any other nonmedical or nonprescribed supply or service.

13. Experimental services or supplies. "Experimental" means a service or supply not recognized by the appropriate medical board as normal mode of treatment for the illness or injury involved.

14. Eye surgery if corrective lenses would alleviate the problem.

The coverage and benefit requirements of this section for association policies shall not be altered by any other state law without specific reference to this chapter indicating a legislative intent to add or delete from the coverage requirements of this chapter.

This chapter does not prohibit the association from issuing additional types of health insurance policies with different types of benefits which, in the opinion of the board of directors, may be of benefit to the citizens of the state.

Section History: Recent form

86 Acts, ch 1156, § 5; 89 Acts, ch 321, § 36

Internal References

Referred to in § 514E.1, 514E.2

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