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513B.7 Maintenance of records.

1. A small employer carrier shall maintain at its principal place of business a complete and detailed description of its rating practices and renewal underwriting practices, including information and documentation which demonstrate that its rating methods and practices are based upon commonly accepted actuarial assumptions and are in accordance with sound actuarial principles.

2. A small employer carrier shall file each March 1 with the commissioner an actuarial certification that the small employer carrier is in compliance with this section and that the rating methods of the small employer carrier are actuarially sound. A copy of the certification shall be retained by the small employer carrier at its principal place of business.

3. A small employer carrier shall make the information and documentation described in subsection 1 available to the commissioner upon request. The information is not a public record or otherwise subject to disclosure under chapter 22, and is considered proprietary and trade secret information and is not subject to disclosure by the commissioner to persons outside of the division except as agreed to by the small employer carrier or as ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction.

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91 Acts, ch 244, §7

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