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513B.11 Notice of intent to operate as a risk-assuming carrier or reinsuring carrier.

1. a. Upon the approval of a plan of operation by the commissioner under section 513B.13, subsection 4, a small employer carrier authorized to transact the business of insurance in this state shall notify the commissioner of the carrier's intention to operate as a risk-assuming carrier or a reinsuring carrier. The notification shall be made as deemed appropriate by the commissioner. A small employer carrier seeking to operate as a risk-assuming carrier shall make an application pursuant to section 513B.12.

b. The notification of the commissioner concerning the carrier's intention pursuant to paragraph "a" is binding for a five-year period from the date notification is given, except that the initial notification given by carriers after July 1, 1992, is binding for a two-year period. The commissioner may permit a carrier to modify the carrier's decision at any time for good cause.

c. The commissioner shall establish an application process for small employer carriers seeking to change their status pursuant to this subsection. If a small employer carrier has been acquired by another such carrier, the commissioner may waive or modify the time periods established in paragraph "b".

2. A reinsuring carrier that applies and is approved to operate as a risk-assuming carrier shall not be permitted to continue to reinsure any health benefit plan with the program. The carrier shall pay a prorated assessment based upon business issued as a reinsuring carrier for any portion of the year that the business was reinsured.

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92 Acts, ch 1167, § 12; 93 Acts, ch 80, § 10

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