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490A.502 Change of registered office or registered agent.

1. Each limited liability company may change its registered office or registered agent by delivering to the secretary of state for filing a statement of change that sets forth the following:

a. The name of the limited liability company or foreign limited liability company.

b. The street address of its current registered office.

c. If the current registered office is to be changed, the street address of the new registered office.

d. The name of its current registered agent.

e. If the current registered agent is to be changed, the name of the new registered agent and the new agent's written consent either on the statement or attached to it, to the appointment.

f. That after the change or changes are made, the street address of its registered office and the business office of its registered agent will be identical.

2. A statement of change shall forthwith be filed in the office of the secretary of state by a limited liability company whenever its registered agent dies, resigns, or ceases to satisfy the requirements of section 490A.501.

3. If a registered agent changes the registered agent's business address to another place, the registered agent may change the business address and the address of the registered agent by filing a statement as required in subsection 1 for each limited liability company, or a single statement for all limited liability companies named in the notice, except that it need be signed only by the registered agent or agents and need not be responsive to subsection 1, paragraph "e", and must recite that a copy of the statement has been mailed to each limited liability company named in the notice.

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92 Acts, ch 1151, § 30

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