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490.1530 Grounds for revocation.

The secretary of state may commence a proceeding under section 490.1531 to revoke the certificate of authority of a foreign corporation authorized to transact business in this state if:

1. The foreign corporation does not deliver its annual report to the secretary of state in a form that meets the requirements of section 490.1622 within sixty days after it is due.

2. The foreign corporation is without a registered agent or registered office in this state for sixty days or more.

3. The foreign corporation does not inform the secretary of state under section 490.1508 or 490.1509 that its registered agent or registered office has changed, that its registered agent has resigned, or that its registered office has been discontinued within sixty days of the change, resignation, or discontinuance.

4. An incorporator, director, officer, or agent of the foreign corporation signed a document that person knew was false in any material respect with intent that the document be delivered to the secretary of state for filing.

5. The secretary of state receives a duly authenticated certificate from the secretary of state or other official having custody of corporate records in the state or country under whose law the foreign corporation is incorporated stating that it has been dissolved or disappeared as the result of a merger.

Section History: Recent form

89 Acts, ch 288, §172; 90 Acts, ch 1205, §27; 96 Acts, ch 1170, § 19

Internal References

Referred to in § 490.1531

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