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487.902 Registration.

Before transacting business in this state, a foreign limited partnership shall register with the secretary of state. In order to register, a foreign limited partnership shall submit to the secretary of state an application for registration as a foreign limited partnership, signed and sworn to by a general partner and setting forth all of the following:

1. The name of the foreign limited partnership and, if different, the name under which it proposes to register and transact business in this state.

2. The state and date of its formation.

3. The general character of the business it proposes to transact in this state.

4. The name and address of an agent for service of process on the foreign limited partnership. The agent shall be either an individual resident of this state, a domestic corporation, or a foreign corporation having a place of business in and authorized to do business in this state.

5. A statement that the secretary of state is the agent of the foreign limited partnership for service of process if an agent has not been appointed under subsection 4 or, if appointed, the agent's authority has been revoked, or if the agent cannot be found or served with the exercise of reasonable diligence.

6. The address of the office required to be maintained in the state of its organization by the laws of that state or, if such an office is not required, the address of the principal office of the foreign limited partnership.

7. If the certificate of limited partnership filed in the foreign limited partnership's state of organization is not required to include the names and business addresses of the partners, a list of those names and addresses.

Section History: Early form

[82 Acts, ch 1103, § 902]

Section History: Recent form

C83, § 545.902 ~IC93, § 487.902

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