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455B.204 Distance requirements.

1. An animal feeding operation structure shall be located at least five hundred feet away from the surface intake of an agricultural drainage well or known sinkhole, and at least two hundred feet away from a lake, river, or stream located within the territorial limits of the state, any marginal river area adjacent to the state, which can support a floating vessel capable of carrying one or more persons during a total of a six-month period in one out of ten years, excluding periods of flooding. However, no distance separation is required between a location or object and a farm pond or privately owned lake, as defined in section 462A.2.

All distances between locations or objects shall be measured from their closest points, as provided by rules adopted by the department.

2. A person shall not dispose of manure closer to a designated area than provided in section 159.27.

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95 Acts, ch 195, §26

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