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455B.203 Manure management plan---requirements.

1. In order to receive a permit for the construction of a confinement feeding operation as provided in section 455B.173, a person shall submit a manure management plan to the department together with the application for a construction permit.

2. A manure management plan shall include all of the following:

a. Calculations necessary to determine the land area required for the application of manure from a confinement feeding operation based on nitrogen use levels in order to obtain optimum crop yields according to a crop schedule specified in the plan, and according to requirements adopted by the department after receiving recommendations from the animal agriculture consulting organization provided for in 1995 Iowa Acts, chapter 195, section 37.

b. Manure nutrient levels as determined by either manure testing or accepted standard manure nutrient values.

c. Manure application methods, timing of manure application, and the location of the manure application.

d. If the location of the application is on land other than land owned by the person applying for the construction permit, the plan shall include a copy of each written agreement executed between the person and the landowner where the manure will be applied.

e. An estimate of the annual animal production and manure volume or weight produced by the confinement feeding operation.

f. Methods, structures, or practices to prevent or diminish soil loss and potential surface water pollution.

g. Methods or practices to minimize potential odors caused by the application of manure by the use of spray irrigation equipment.

3. A person classified as a habitual violator or a confinement feeding operation in which a habitual violator owns a controlling interest, as provided in section 455B.191, shall submit a manure management plan to the department on an annual basis, which must be approved by the department for the following year of operation.

4. A person receiving a permit for the construction of a confinement feeding operation shall maintain a current manure management plan and maintain records sufficient to demonstrate compliance with the manure management plan. Chapter 22 shall not apply to the records which shall be kept confidential by the department and its agents and employees. The contents of the records are not subject to disclosure except as follows:

a. Upon waiver by the person receiving the permit.

b. In an action or administrative proceeding commenced under this chapter. Any hearing related to the action or proceeding shall be closed.

c. When required by subpoena or court order.

5. The department may inspect the confinement feeding operation at any time during normal working hours, and may inspect records required to be maintained as part of the manure management plan. The department shall regularly inspect a confinement feeding operation if the operation or a person holding a controlling interest in the operation is classified as a habitual violator pursuant to section 455B.191. The department shall assess and the confinement feeding operation shall pay the actual costs of the inspection. However, in order to access the operation, the departmental inspector must comply with standard disease control restrictions customarily required by the operation. The department shall comply with section 455B.103 in conducting an investigation of the premises where the animals are kept.

6. A person submitting a manure management plan who is found in violation of the terms and conditions of the plan shall not be subject to an enforcement action other than assessment of a civil penalty pursuant to section 455B.191.

Section History: Recent form

95 Acts, ch 195, §25

Internal References

Referred to in § 455B.173, 455B.191

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