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455B.105 Powers and duties of the commission.

The commission shall:

1. Establish policy for the implementation of programs under its jurisdiction. The commission shall appoint advisory committees to advise the commission and the director in carrying out their respective powers and duties.

2. Advise, consult, and co-operate with other agencies of the state, political subdivisions, and any other public or private agency to promote the orderly, efficient, and effective accomplishment of its responsibilities.

3. Adopt, modify, or repeal rules necessary to implement this chapter and the rules deemed necessary for the effective administration of the department. When the commission proposes or adopts rules to implement a specific federal environmental program and the rules impose requirements more restrictive than the federal program being implemented requires, the commission shall identify in its notice of intended action or adopted rule preamble each rule that is more restrictive than the federal program requires and shall state the reasons for proposing or adopting the more restrictive requirement. In addition, the commission shall include with its reasoning a financial impact statement detailing the general impact upon the affected parties. It is the intent of the general assembly that the commission exercise strict oversight of the operations of the department. The rules shall include departmental policy relating to the disclosure of information on a violation or alleged violation of the rules, standards, permits or orders issued by the department and keeping of confidential information obtained by the department in the administration and enforcement of this chapter. Rules adopted by the executive committee before January 1, 1981 shall remain effective until modified or rescinded by action of the commission.

4. Issue orders and directives necessary to insure integration and co-ordination of the programs administered by the department.

5. Make a concise annual report to the governor and the general assembly, which report shall contain information relating to the accomplishments and status of the programs administered by the department and include recommendations for legislative action which may be required to protect or enhance the environment or to modernize the operation of the department or any of the programs or services assigned to the department and recommendations for the transfer of powers and duties of the department as deemed advisable by the commission. The annual report shall conform to the provisions of section 7A.3.

6. Approve all contracts and agreements under this chapter between the department and other public or private persons or agencies.

7. Obtain an adequate public employees fidelity bond to cover those officers and employees of the department accountable for property or funds of this state.

8. Hold public hearings, except when the evidence to be received is confidential pursuant to this chapter or chapter 22, necessary to carry out its powers and duties. The commission may issue subpoenas requiring the attendance of witnesses and the production of evidence pertinent to the hearings. A subpoena shall be issued and enforced in the same manner as provided in civil actions.

9. Upon request of at least four members of the commission before adopting or modifying a rule, the director shall prepare and publish with the notice required under section 17A.4, subsection 1, paragraph "a", a comprehensive estimate of the economic impact of the proposed rule or modification.

10. Appoint a water coordinator who shall coordinate requests from the public for information or assistance relating to the administration of water resources laws and programs and the resolution of water-related problems.

11. a. Adopt, by rule, procedures and forms necessary to implement the provisions of this chapter relating to permits, conditional permits, and general permits. The commission may also adopt, by rule, a schedule of fees for permit and conditional permit applications and a schedule of fees which may be periodically assessed for administration of permits and conditional permits. In determining the fee schedules, the commission shall consider:

(1) The state's reasonable cost of reviewing applications, issuing permits and conditional permits, and checking compliance with the terms of the permits.

(2) The relative benefits to the applicant and to the public of permit and conditional permit review, issuance, and monitoring compliance.

It is the intention of the legislature that permit fees shall not cover any costs connected with correcting violation of the terms of any permit and shall not impose unreasonable costs on any municipality.

(3) The typical costs of the particular types of projects or activities for which permits or conditional permits are required, provided that in no circumstances shall fees be in excess of the actual costs to the department.

b. Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, fees collected by the department under this subsection shall be remitted to the treasurer of state and credited to the general fund of the state.

Section History: Early form

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Section History: Recent form

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Internal References

Referred to in § 455B.183A, 455B.310, 455B.387

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