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453A.36 Unlawful acts.

1. Except as otherwise provided in this division, it is unlawful for any person to have in the person's possession for sale, distribution, or use, or for any other purpose, in excess of forty cigarettes, or to sell, distribute, use, or present as a gift or prize cigarettes upon which a tax is required to be paid by this division, without having affixed to each individual package of cigarettes, the proper stamp evidencing the payment of the tax and the absence of the stamp on the individual package of cigarettes is notice to all persons that the tax has not been paid and is prima facie evidence of the nonpayment of the tax.

2. No person, other than a common carrier and a distributor's truck bearing the distributor's name and permit number in plain view on the outside of such truck, shall transport within this state cigarettes upon which a tax is required to be paid, without having stamps affixed to each individual package of said cigarettes; and no person shall fail or refuse, upon demand of agent of the department, or any peace officer to stop any vehicle transporting cigarettes for a full and complete inspection of the cargo carried.

3. No person shall use, sell, offer for sale, or possess for the purpose of use or sale, within this state, any previously used stamp or stamps, or attach any such previously used stamps to an individual package of cigarettes, nor shall any person purchase stamps from any person other than the department or sell stamps purchased from the department.

4. No person shall knowingly use, consume, or smoke, within this state, cigarettes upon which a tax is required to be paid, without said tax having been paid.

5. No person, unless the person be the holder of a permit, or the holder's representative, shall solicit the sale of cigarettes, provided that this section shall not prevent solicitation by a nonpermitholder for the sale of cigarettes to any state permitholder.

6. Any sales of cigarettes or tobacco products made through a cigarette vending machine are subject to rules and penalties relative to retail sales of cigarettes and tobacco products provided for in this chapter. No cigarettes shall be sold through any cigarette vending machine unless the cigarettes have been properly stamped or metered as provided by this division, and in case of violation of this provision, the permit of the dealer authorizing retail sales of cigarettes shall be canceled. Payment of the license fee as provided in section 453A.13 authorizes a cigarette vendor to sell cigarettes or tobacco products through vending machines, provided that the following conditions are met: the machines are located in places where the machines are under the supervision of a person of legal age who is responsible for prevention of purchase by minors from the machines; the machines are equipped with a lock-out device under the control of a person of legal age who shall directly regulate the sale of items through the machines, and which shall include a mechanism to prevent the machines from functioning if the power source for the lock-out device fails or if the lock-out device is disabled, and a mechanism to ensure that only one pack of cigarettes or one tobacco product is dispensed at a time; and the location where the machines are placed is covered by a local retail permit. However, a lock-out device is not required for machines operated in the following locations, if the machines are not to be placed in a doorway or other area readily accessible to minors: a commercial establishment holding a class "C" liquor license or a class "B" beer permit under chapter 123, if the establishment is not also licensed as a food service establishment under chapter 137B; a private facility not open to the public; or a workplace not open to the public. This section does not require a retail licensee to buy a cigarette vendor's permit if the retail licensee is in fact the owner of the cigarette vending machines and the machines are operated in the location described in the retail permit.

7. It shall be unlawful for a person other than a holder of a retail permit to sell cigarettes at retail. No state permit holder shall sell or distribute cigarettes at wholesale to any person in the state of Iowa who does not hold a permit authorizing the retail sale of cigarettes or who does not hold a state permit as a manufacturer, distributing agent, wholesaler, or distributor.

Violation of this section by the holder of a distributor's, wholesaler's or manufacturer's permit shall be grounds for the revocation of such permit.

Section History: Early form

[C24, § 1573; C27, 31, 35, § 1573, 1575-a2; C39, § 1556.31; C46, 50, 54, 58, 62, 66, 71, 73, 75, 77, 79, 81, § 98.36]

Section History: Recent form

91 Acts, ch 240, §6 ~IC93, § 453A.36

Internal References

Referred to in § 453A.22

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