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441.73 Litigation expense fund.

1. A litigation expense fund is created in the state treasury. The litigation expense fund shall be used for the payment of litigation expenses incurred by the state to defend property valuations established by the director of revenue and finance pursuant to section 428.24 and chapters 430A, 433, 434, 436, 437, and 438.

2. If the director of revenue and finance determines that foreseeable litigation expenses will exceed the amount available from appropriations made to the department of revenue and finance, the director of revenue and finance may apply to the executive council for use of funds on deposit in the litigation defense fund. The initial application for approval shall include an estimate of potential litigation expenses, allocated to each of the next four succeeding calendar quarters and substantiated by a breakdown of all anticipated costs for legal counsel, expert witnesses, and other applicable litigation expenses.

3. The executive council may approve expenditures from the litigation expense fund on a quarterly basis. Prior to each quarter, the director of revenue and finance shall report to the executive council and give a full accounting of actual litigation expenses to date as well as estimated litigation expenses for the remaining calendar quarters of the fiscal year. The executive council may adjust quarterly expenditures from the litigation expense fund based on this information.

4. The executive council shall transfer for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1992, and each fiscal year thereafter, from funds established in sections 405A.8, 425.1, and 426.1, an amount necessary to pay litigation expenses. However, the amount of funds transferred to the litigation expense fund for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1992, shall not exceed three hundred fifty thousand dollars and the amount of the fund for the succeeding fiscal years shall not exceed seven hundred thousand dollars. The executive council shall determine annually the proportionate amounts to be transferred from the three separate funds. At any time when no litigation is pending or in progress the balance in the litigation defense fund shall not exceed one hundred thousand dollars. Any excess moneys shall be transferred in a proportionate amount back to the funds from which they were originally transferred.

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92 Acts, ch 1238, §37

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