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422D.2 Local income surtax.

A county may impose by ordinance a local income surtax as provided in section 422D.1 at the rate set by the board of supervisors, of up to one percent, on the state individual income tax of each individual residing in the county at the end of the individual's applicable tax year. However, the cumulative total of the percents of income surtax imposed on any taxpayer in the county shall not exceed twenty percent. The reason for imposing the surtax and the amount needed shall be set out in the ordinance. The surtax rate shall be set to raise only the amount needed. For purposes of this section, "state individual income tax" means the tax computed under section 422.5, less the credits allowed in sections 422.11A, 422.11B, 422.11C,* 422.12, and 422.12B.

Section History: Recent form

92 Acts, ch 1226, § 18


See also § 298.14

*Section 422.11C repealed effective January 1, 1996; corrective legislation is pending

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