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357A.11 Board's powers and duties.

The board shall be the governing body of the district, and shall:

1. Adopt rules, regulations, and rate schedules in conformity with the provisions of this Act and the bylaws of the district as necessary for the conduct of the business of the district.

2. Maintain at its office a record of the district's proceedings, rules and regulations, and any decisions and orders made pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, and furnish copies thereof to the supervisors or the council upon request.

3. Employ, appoint, or retain attorneys, engineers, other professional and technical employees, and other personnel as necessary, and require and approve bonds of district employees. The board may enter into agreements pursuant to chapter 28E to provide professional or technical services under this subsection to other water districts, nonprofit corporations, or related associations.

4. Prior to each annual meeting of participating members:

a. Prepare an estimated budget for the coming year, and adjust water rates if necessary in order to produce the revenue required to fund the estimated budget, and make a report thereon at the annual meeting.

b. Have an audit made of the district's records and accounts, and make copies of the audit report available to all participating members attending the annual meeting and to any other participating member who so requests.

5. Have authority to acquire by gift, lease, purchase, or grant any property, real or personal, in fee or a lesser interest needed to achieve the purposes for which the district was incorporated, to acquire easements for water lines and reservoirs by condemnation proceedings, and to sell and convey property owned, but no longer needed, by the district. Condemnation proceedings shall not apply to existing wells, ponds or reservoirs.

6. Have authority to construct, operate, maintain, repair, and when necessary to enlarge or extend, such ponds, reservoirs, pipelines, wells, check dams, pumping installations, or other facilities for the storage, transportation, or utilization of water, and such appurtenant structures and equipment, as may be necessary or convenient to carry out the purposes for which the district was incorporated. A district may purchase its water supply from any source.

7. Have power to borrow from, co-operate with and enter into agreements as deemed necessary with any agency of the federal government, this state, or a county of this state, and to accept financial or other aid from any agency of the federal government. To evidence any indebtedness the obligations may be one or more bonds or notes and the obligations may be sold at private sale.

8. Have power to finance all or part of the cost of the construction or purchase of any project necessary to carry out the purposes for which the district is incorporated, or to refinance all or part of the original cost of any such project, and to evidence that financing by issuance of revenue bonds or notes which shall mature in a period not to exceed forty years from date of issuance, shall bear interest, or combined interest and insurance charges, at a rate not to exceed that permitted by chapter 74A, shall be payable only from revenue derived from sale of water by the district, and shall never become or be construed to be a debt against the state of Iowa or any of its political subdivisions other than the district issuing the bonds.

9. Finance all or part of the cost of the construction or purchase of a project necessary to carry out the purposes for which the district is incorporated or to refinance all or part of the original cost of that project, including, but not limited to, obligations originated by the district as a nonprofit corporation under chapter 504A and assumed by the district reorganized under this chapter. Financing or refinancing carried out under this subsection shall be in accordance with the terms and procedures set forth in the applicable provisions of sections 384.83 through 384.88, 384.92, and 384.93. References in these sections to a city shall be applicable to a rural water district operating under this chapter, and references in that division to a city council shall be applicable to the board of directors of a rural water district. This subsection shall not create a lien against the property of a person who is not a rural water subscriber.

10. Have power to join the Iowa association of rural water districts, and pay out of funds available to the board, reasonable dues to the association. The financial condition and transactions of the Iowa association of rural water districts must be audited in the same manner as rural water districts.

11. Have authority to execute an agreement with a governmental entity, including a county, city, or another district, for purposes of managing or administering the governmental entity's works, facilities, or waterways which are useful for the collection, disposal, or treatment of wastewater or sewage.

12. Place all funds in investments to the extent practicable and may invest the funds jointly with one or more counties, judicial district departments of correctional services, cities, or city utilities pursuant to a joint investment agreement. All investments of funds shall be subject to sections 12B.10 and 12B.10A and other applicable law.

This chapter and chapter 384, as it applies to rural water districts, shall not be construed to mean that the real property of any rural water subscriber shall be used as security for any debts of a rural water district. However, the failure to pay water rates or charges by a subscriber may result in a lien being attached against the premises served upon certification to the county treasurer that the rate or charges are due.

Section History: Early form

[C71, 73, 75, 77, 79, 81, § 357A.11]

Section History: Recent form

90 Acts, ch 1255, §19, 20; 91 Acts, ch 134, §8--;10; 93 Acts, ch 84, § 1; 95 Acts, ch 77, §4

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