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356.7 Charge for room and board---lien.

1. The county sheriff may charge a prisoner who is eighteen years of age or older for the room and board provided to the prisoner while in the custody of the county sheriff. Moneys collected by the sheriff under this section shall be credited to the county general fund and distributed as provided in this section. If a prisoner fails to pay for the room and board, the sheriff may file a room and board reimbursement lien as provided in subsection 2. The county attorney may file the room and board reimbursement lien on behalf of the sheriff and the county. This section does not apply to prisoners who are paying for their room and board by court order pursuant to sections 356.26 through 356.35.

2. The sheriff or the county attorney, on behalf of the sheriff, may file a room and board reimbursement lien with the clerk of the district court which shall include all of the following information, if known:

a. The name and date of birth of the person whose property or other interests are subject to the lien.

b. The present address of the residence and principal place of business of the person named in the lien.

c. The criminal proceeding pursuant to which the lien is filed, including the name of the court, the title of the action, and the court's file number.

d. The name and address of the sheriff or the name and address of the county attorney who is filing the lien on behalf of the sheriff.

e. A statement that the notice is being filed pursuant to this section.

f. The amount of room and board reimbursement the person has been ordered to pay or is likely to be ordered to pay.

3. The filing of a room and board reimbursement lien in accordance with this section creates a lien in favor of the sheriff in any personal or real property identified in the lien to the extent of the interest held in that property by the person named in the lien.

4. This section does not limit the right of the sheriff to obtain any other remedy authorized by law.

5. Of the moneys collected and credited to the county general fund as provided in this section, sixty percent of the moneys collected shall be used for the following purposes:

a. Courthouse security equipment and law enforcement personnel costs.

b. Infrastructure improvements of a jail, including new or remodeling costs.

c. Infrastructure improvements of juvenile detention facilities, including new or remodeling costs.

The sheriff may submit a plan or recommendations to the county board of supervisors for the use of the funds as provided in this subsection or the sheriff and board may jointly develop a plan for the use of the funds. Subject to the requirements of this subsection, funds may be used in the manner set forth in an agreement entered into under chapter 28E.

The county board of supervisors shall review the plan or recommendations submitted by the sheriff during the normal budget process of the county.

Section History: Recent form

96 Acts, ch 1081, § 1; 96 Acts, ch 1219, §71

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Referred to in § 602.8107

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