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34A.6 Referendum on E911 in proposed service area.

1. Before a joint E911 service board may request imposition of the surcharge by the administrator, the board shall submit the following question to voters, as provided in subsection 2, in the proposed E911 service area, and the question shall receive a favorable vote from a simple majority of persons submitting valid ballots on the following question within the proposed E911 service area: P MARGINS F Q $KIP$ 1

Shall the following public$T18@YES$T21@Voting Box ~~ measure be adopted?$T18@NO$T21@Voting Box ~~ P MARGINS L Q $KIP$ 1

Enhanced 911 emergency telephone service shall be funded, in whole or in part, by a monthly surcharge of (an amount determined by the local joint E911 service board of up to one dollar) on each telephone access line collected as part of each telephone subscriber's monthly phone bill if provided within (description of the proposed E911 service area). Q $KIP$ 1

2. The referendum required as a condition of the surcharge imposition in subsection 1 shall be conducted using the following electoral mechanism:

At the request of the joint E911 service board a county commissioner of elections shall include the question on the next eligible general election ballot in each electoral precinct to be served, in whole or in part, by the proposed E911 service area, provided the request is timely submitted to permit inclusion. The question may be included in the next election in which all of the voters in the proposed E911 service area will be eligible to vote on the same day. The county commissioner of elections shall report the results to the joint E911 service board. The joint E911 service board shall compile the results if subscribers from more than one county are included within the proposed service area. The joint E911 service board shall announce whether a simple majority of the compiled votes reported by the commissioner approved the referendum question.

3. The secretary of state, in consultation with the administrator of the office of emergency management of the department of public defense, shall adopt rules for the conduct of joint E911 service referendums as required by and consistent with subsections 1 and 2.

Section History: Recent form

88 Acts, ch 1177, § 6 ~IC89, § 477B.6 ~I89 Acts, ch 168, § 3; 90 Acts, ch 1144, §1; 91 Acts, ch 129, §27, 28; 92 Acts, ch 1139, § 35 ~IC93, § 34A.6

Internal References

Referred to in §34A.6A, 34A.7

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