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322B.3 Mobile home dealer license---procedure.

1. License application. A mobile home dealer shall file in the office of the department an application for license as a mobile home dealer in the same manner as a motor vehicle dealer applicant under section 322.4 or as the department may prescribe. A mobile home dealer license may be issued in the same manner as a motor vehicle dealer license pursuant to section 322.7.

2. License fees. The license fee for a mobile home dealer is seventy dollars for a two-year license, one hundred forty dollars for a four-year license, or two hundred ten dollars for a six-year license. If the application is denied, the department shall refund the fee. Fees and funds accruing from the administration of this chapter shall be accounted for and paid by the department to the treasurer of state monthly for deposit in the road use tax fund of the state.

To implement the change from calendar year to multiyear licensing provided in this section, a license shall have an expiration month as established by the department with fees prorated based upon the number of months for which the license was issued.

3. Surety bond. Before the issuance of a mobile home dealer's license, an applicant for a license shall file with the department a surety bond executed by the applicant as principal and executed by a corporate surety company, licensed and qualified to do business within this state, which bond shall run to the state of Iowa, be in the amount of twenty-five thousand dollars and be conditioned upon the faithful compliance by the applicant as a dealer with all of the statutes of this state regulating the business of the dealer and indemnifying any person dealing or transacting business with the dealer in connection with a mobile home from a loss or damage occasioned by the failure of the dealer to comply with this chapter, including, but not limited to, the furnishing of a proper and valid document of title to the mobile home involved in the transaction.

4. Permits for fairs, shows, and exhibitions. Mobile home dealers, in addition to selling mobile homes at their principal place of business and lots, may, upon receipt of a temporary permit approved by the department, display and offer new mobile homes for sale and negotiate sales of new mobile homes at fairs, shows and exhibitions which are approved by the department. Application for temporary permits shall be made upon forms provided by the department and shall be accompanied by a ten dollar permit fee. Temporary permits shall be issued for a period not to exceed fourteen days.

Section History: Early form

[C81, § 322B.3; 82 Acts, ch 1009, § 1]

Section History: Recent form

92 Acts, ch 1175, § 16

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