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321E.7 Load limits per axle.

1. The gross weight on any axle of any vehicle or combination of vehicles traveling under a permit issued in accordance with the provisions of this chapter shall not exceed the maximum axle load prescribed in section 321.463; except that, construction machinery being temporarily moved on streets, roads, or highways may have a gross weight of thirty-six thousand pounds on any single axle equipped with a minimum size twenty-six point five-inch by twenty-five-inch flotation pneumatic tires and a maximum gross weight of twenty thousand pounds on any single axle equipped with minimum size eighteen-inch by twenty-five-inch flotation pneumatic tires, with the department authorized to adopt rules to permit the use of tire sizes and weights within the minimum and maximum specifications provided in this section, provided that the total gross weight of the vehicle or a combination of vehicles does not exceed a maximum of one hundred twenty-six thousand pounds; and except that a manufacturer of machinery or equipment manufactured or assembled in Iowa may be granted a permit for the movement of such machinery or equipment mounted on pneumatic tires with axle loads exceeding the maximum axle load prescribed in section 321.463 for distances not to exceed twenty-five miles at a speed not greater than twenty miles per hour. The movement of such machinery or equipment shall be over a specified route between the place of assembly or manufacture and a storage area, shipping point, proving ground, experimental area, weighing station, or another manufacturing plant.

2. Special mobile equipment, as defined in section 321.1, subsection 75, is not subject to the requirements for distance in feet between the extremes of any group of axles or the extreme axles of the vehicle or combination of vehicles as required by this chapter when being moved upon the highways if the operator has a permit issued under this chapter.

Section History: Early form

[C31, 35, § 5067-d7, -d8; C39, § 5035.16; C46, 50, 54, 58, 62, 66, § 321.467; C71, 73, 75, 77, 79, 81, § 321E.7]

Section History: Recent form

83 Acts, ch 116, § 4; 96 Acts, ch 1089, § 7, 8; 96 Acts, ch 1152, § 20

Internal References

Referred to in § 321.463, 321E.1, 321E.9, 321E.9A, 321E.14

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