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321E.14 Fees for permits.

The department or local authorities issuing permits shall charge a fee of twenty-five dollars for an annual permit, a fee of one hundred dollars for a multi-trip permit, and a fee of ten dollars for a single-trip permit, and shall determine charges for special permits issued pursuant to section 321E.29 by rules adopted pursuant to chapter 17A. Fees for the movement of buildings, parts of buildings, or unusual vehicles or loads may be increased to cover the costs of inspections by the issuing authority. A fee not to exceed two hundred fifty dollars per day or a prorated fraction of that fee per person and car for escort service may be charged when requested or when required under this chapter. Proration of escort fees between state and local authorities when more than one governmental authority provides or is required to provide escort for a movement during the period of a day shall be determined by rule under section 321E.15. The department and local authorities may charge a permit applicant for the cost of trimming trees and removal and replacement of natural obstructions or official signs and signals or other public or private property required to be removed during the movement of a vehicle and load. In addition to the fees provided in this section, the annual fee for a permit for special mobile equipment, as defined in section 321.1, subsection 75, operated pursuant to section 321E.7, subsection 2, with a combined gross weight up to and including eighty thousand pounds shall be twenty-five dollars and for a combined gross weight exceeding eighty thousand pounds, fifty dollars.

In addition to the fees provided in this section, the annual fee for a permit for a trailer transporting soil conservation equipment operated under section 321E.7, subsection 3,* shall be one hundred dollars.

The annual fee for an all-system permit is one hundred twenty dollars which shall be deposited in the road use tax fund.

Section History: Early form

[C71, 73, 75, 77, 79, 81, § 321E.14]

Section History: Recent form

83 Acts, ch 116, § 6; 86 Acts, ch 1210, § 8; 87 Acts, ch 186, §11; 91 Acts, ch 133, §3; 96 Acts, ch 1089, § 10

Internal References

Referred to in § 321E.1


*Section 321E.7, subsection 3, stricken by 96 Acts, ch 1089, § 8; corrective legislation is pending

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