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321.216B Use of motor vehicle license or nonoperator's identification card by underage person to obtain alcohol.

A person who is under the age of twenty-one, who alters or displays or has in the person's possession a fictitious or fraudulently altered motor vehicle license or nonoperator's identification card and who uses the license to violate or attempt to violate section 123.47 or 123.47A, commits a simple misdemeanor. The court shall forward a copy of the conviction or order of adjudication under section 232.47 to the department.

Section History: Recent form

93 Acts, ch 164, §3; 96 Acts, ch 1090, § 5

Internal References

Referred to in § 123.48, 321.212, 321A.17


Legislative intent regarding effect on insurance rates; 93 Acts, ch 164, § 6

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