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321.194 Special minors' licenses.

1. Driver's license issued for travel to and from school. Upon certification of a special need by the school board or the superintendent of the applicant's school, the department may issue a class C or M driver's license to a person between the ages of fourteen and eighteen years who successfully completes an approved driver education course. However, the completion of a course is not required if the applicant demonstrates to the satisfaction of the department that completion of the course would impose a hardship upon the applicant. The department shall adopt rules defining the term "hardship" and establish procedures for the demonstration and determination of when completion of the course would impose a hardship upon an applicant.

a. The driver's license entitles the holder, while having the license in immediate possession, to operate a motor vehicle other than a commercial motor vehicle or as a chauffeur:

(1) During the hours of 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. over the most direct and accessible route between the licensee's residence and schools of enrollment and between schools of enrollment for the purpose of attending duly scheduled courses of instruction and extracurricular activities at the schools.

(2) At any time when the licensee is accompanied in accordance with section 321.180, subsection 1, paragraph "b".

b. Each application shall be accompanied by a statement from the school board or superintendent of the applicant's school. The statement shall be upon a form provided by the department. The school board or superintendent shall certify that a need exists for the license and that the board and superintendent are not responsible for actions of the applicant which pertain to the use of the driver's license. The department of education shall adopt rules establishing criteria for issuing a statement of necessity. Upon receipt of a statement of necessity, the department shall issue the driver's license. The fact that the applicant resides at a distance less than one mile from the applicant's schools of enrollment is prima facie evidence of the nonexistence of necessity for the issuance of a license. The driver's license shall not be issued for purposes of attending a public school in a school district other than either of the following:

(1) The district of residence of the parent or guardian of the student.

(2) A district which is contiguous to the district of residence of the parent or guardian of the student, if the student is enrolled in the public school which is not the school district of residence because of open enrollment under section 282.18 or as a result of an election by the student's district of residence to enter into one or more sharing agreements pursuant to the procedures in chapter 282.

2. Suspension and revocation. A driver's license issued under this section is subject to suspension or revocation for the same reasons and in the same manner as suspension or revocation of any other driver's license. The department may also suspend a driver's license issued under this section upon receiving satisfactory evidence that the licensee has violated the restrictions of the license or has been involved in one or more accidents chargeable to the licensee. The department may suspend a driver's license issued under this section upon receiving a record of the licensee's conviction for one violation. The department shall revoke the license upon receiving a record of conviction for two or more violations of a law of this state or a city ordinance regulating the operation of motor vehicles on highways other than parking violations as defined in section 321.210. After a person licensed under this section receives two or more convictions which require revocation of the person's license under this section, the department shall not grant an application for a new motor vehicle license until the expiration of one year or until the licensee's sixteenth birthday, whichever is the longer period.

Section History: Early form

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Section History: Recent form

83 Acts, ch 49, § 1, 4; 83 Acts, ch 101, § 68; 84 Acts, ch 1022, § 5; 84 Acts, ch 1219, § 24; 89 Acts, ch 266, §2; 90 Acts, ch 1230, § 40

Internal References

Referred to in § 321.177, 321.191, 321.213, 321A.17, 805.8(2f)

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