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303.1 Department of cultural affairs.

1. The department of cultural affairs is created. The department is under the control of a director who shall be appointed by the governor, subject to confirmation by the senate, and shall serve at the pleasure of the governor. The salary of the director shall be set by the governor within a range set by the general assembly.

2. The department has primary responsibility for development of the state's interest in the areas of the arts, history, and other cultural matters. In fulfilling this responsibility, the department will be advised and assisted by the state historical society and its board of trustees, and the Iowa arts council.

The department shall:

a. Develop a comprehensive, co-ordinated, and efficient policy to preserve, research, interpret, and promote to the public an awareness and understanding of local, state, and regional history.

b. Stimulate and encourage throughout the state the study and presentation of the performing and fine arts and public interest and participation in them.

c. Implement tourism-related art and history projects as directed by the general assembly.

d. Design a comprehensive, statewide, long-range plan with the assistance of the Iowa arts council to develop the arts in Iowa. The department is designated as the state agency for carrying out the plan.

3. The department shall consist of the following:

a. Historical division.

b. Arts division.

c. Other divisions created by rule.

d. Administrative section.

4. The director may create, combine, eliminate, alter or reorganize the organization of the department by rule.

5. The department by rule may establish advisory groups necessary for the receipt of federal funds or grants or the administration of any of the department's programs.

6. The divisions shall be administered by administrators who shall be appointed by the director and serve at the director's pleasure. The administrators shall:

a. Organize the activities of the division.

b. Submit a biennial report to the governor on the activities and an evaluation of the division and its programs and policies.

c. Control all property of the division.

d. Perform other duties imposed by law.

Section History: Recent form

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Internal References

Referred to in § 7E.5


Confirmation, see §2.32

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