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2B.5 Duties of administrative code division.

The administrative code division shall:

1. Cause the Iowa administrative bulletin and the Iowa administrative code to be published as provided in chapter 17A.

2. Cause the Iowa court rules to be published, as directed by the supreme court after consultation with the legislative council. The Iowa court rules shall consist of all rules prescribed by the supreme court. The court rules shall be published in loose-leaf form, appropriately indexed, and supplements shall be prepared and distributed as directed by the supreme court. The Iowa court rules and supplements to the court rules shall be priced as provided in section 7A.22.

3. Cause to be published annually in pamphlet form a correct list of state officers and deputies, members of boards and commissions, judges of the supreme, appellate, and district courts including district associate judges and judicial magistrates, and members of the general assembly. The offices of the governor and secretary of state shall cooperate in the preparation of the list. This pamphlet shall be published as soon after July 1 as it becomes apparent that it will be reasonably current.

4. Notify the administrative rules coordinator if a rule is not in proper style or form.

5. Perform other duties as directed by the director of the legislative service bureau, the legislative council, or the administrative rules review committee and as provided by law.

Section History: Recent form

91 Acts, ch 258, §9 ~ICS91, § 14.5 ~IC93, § 2B.5

Internal References

Referred to in § 602.1206, 602.4201


See § 7.17, 17A.6

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