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294A.19 Reports---limit on charging.

Each school district and area education agency receiving moneys for phase III during a school year shall file a report with the department of education. School district reports shall be filed by July 1 of the next following school year, and area education agency reports shall be filed by September 1 of the next following school year. The report shall describe the plan, its objectives, its implementation, the expenditures made under the plan including the salary increases paid to each eligible employee, and the extent to which its objectives were attained. The report may include any proposed amendments to the plan for the next following school year.

Annually, the department shall summarize the information contained in the reports filed by the school districts and area education agencies. The reports shall be available upon request.

School districts and area education agencies shall not charge other school districts or area education agencies for plans or information about innovative phase III plans that they have developed.

Section History: Recent form

87 Acts, ch 224, §18; 89 Acts, ch 5, §7; 89 Acts, ch 319, §75

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