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272C.4 Duties of board.

1. Each licensing board shall have the following duties in addition to other duties specified by this chapter or elsewhere in the Code:

a. Establish procedures by which complaints which relate to licensure or to licensee discipline shall be received and reviewed by the board;

b. Establish procedures by which disputes between licensees and clients which result in judgments or settlements in or of malpractice claims or actions shall be investigated by the board;

c. Establish procedures by which any recommendation taken by a peer review committee shall be reported to and reviewed by the board if a peer review committee is established;

d. Establish procedures for registration with the board of peer review committees if a peer review committee is established;

e. Define by rule those recommendations of peer review committees which shall constitute disciplinary recommendations which must be reported to the board if a peer review committee is established;

f. Define by rule acts or omissions which are grounds for revocation or suspension of a license under section 147.55, 148.6, 148B.7, 153.34, 154A.24, 169.13, 455B.191, 542B.21, 542C.21, 543B.29, 544A.13, 544B.15, or 602.3203 or chapter 151, 155, 507B or 522, as applicable, and to define by rule acts or omissions which constitute negligence, careless acts or omissions within the meaning of section 272C.3, subsection 2, paragraph "b", which licensees are required to report to the board pursuant to section 272C.9, subsection 2;

g. Establish the procedures by which licensees shall report those acts or omissions specified by the board pursuant to paragraph "f" of this subsection;

h. Give written notice to another licensing board or to a hospital licensing agency if evidence received by the board either alleges or constitutes reasonable cause to believe the existence of an act or omission which is subject to discipline by that other board or agency;

i. Require each health care licensing board to file with the Iowa department of public health a copy of each decision of the board imposing licensee discipline. Each nonhealth-care board shall have on file a copy of each decision of the board imposing licensee discipline which copy shall be properly dated and shall be in simple language and in the most concise form consistent with clearness and comprehensiveness of subject matter.

The commissioner of insurance shall by rule in consultation with the licensing boards enumerated in section 272C.1, require insurance carriers which insure professional and occupational licensees for acts or omissions which constitute negligence, careless acts or omissions in the practice of a profession or occupation to file reports with the commissioner of insurance. The reports shall include information pertaining to incidents by a licensee which may affect the licensee as defined by rule, involving an insured of the insurer. The commissioner of insurance shall forward reports pursuant to this section to the appropriate licensing board.

2. Each licensing board shall submit to the senate and house committees on state government in January of each year, commencing in January of 1979, a summary of the activities of that board since the preceding report respecting the following subjects:

a. The adoption or nonadoption of rules relating to the duties of the board as specified in this section;

b. The number of complaints, peer review committee disciplinary actions, and judgments and settlements reviewed or investigated by the board, the number of formal disciplinary proceedings commenced before the board or in the courts, the number and types of sanctions imposed, and the number and status of appeals to the court of board decisions, and the number and types of peer review committees registered by the board.

Section History: Early form

[C79, 81, § 258A.4]

Section History: Recent form

83 Acts, ch 186, § 10065, 10201; 84 Acts, ch 1067, § 28; 90 Acts, ch 1086, § 17 ~IC93, § 272C.4

Internal References

Referred to in § 272C.9

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