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261.17 Vocational-technical tuition grants.

1. A vocational-technical tuition grant may be awarded to any resident of Iowa who is admitted and in attendance as a full-time student in a vocational-technical or career option program at a community college in the state, and who establishes financial need.

2. A qualified student may receive vocational-technical tuition grants for not more than four semesters, eight quarters or the equivalent of two full years of study. However, if a student resumes study after at least a two-year absence, the student may again be eligible for the specified amount of time, except that the student shall not receive assistance for courses for which credit was previously received.

3. The amount of a vocational-technical tuition grant shall not exceed the lesser of six hundred dollars per year or the amount of the student's established financial need.

4. A vocational-technical tuition grant shall be awarded on an annual basis, requiring reapplication by the student for each year. Payments under the grant shall be allocated equally among the semesters or quarters of the year upon certification by the institution that the student is in full- time attendance in a vocational-technical or career option program, as defined under rules of the department of education. If the student discontinues attendance before the end of any term after receiving payment of the grant, the entire amount of any refund due that student, up to the amount of any payments made under the annual grant, shall be paid by the institution to the state.

5. If a student receives financial aid under any other program, the full amount of that financial aid shall be considered part of the student's financial resources available in determining the amount of the student's financial need for that period.

6. The commission shall administer this program and shall:

a. Provide application forms for distribution to students by Iowa high schools and community colleges.

b. Adopt rules for determining financial need, defining residence for the purposes of this section, processing and approving applications for grants and determining priority for grants.

c. Approve and award grants on an annual basis.

d. Make an annual report to the governor and general assembly.

7. Each applicant, in accordance with the rules established by the commission, shall:

a. Complete and file an application for a vocational-technical tuition grant.

b. Be responsible for the submission of the financial information required for evaluation of the applicant's need for a grant, on forms determined by the commission.

c. Report promptly to the commission any information requested.

d. Submit a new application and financial statement for re-evaluation of the applicant's eligibility to receive a second-year renewal of the grant.

Section History: Early form

[C75, 77, 79, 81, § 261.17]

Section History: Recent form

83 Acts, ch 197, § 14; 87 Acts, ch 233, § 456; 89 Acts, ch 319, § 44; 90 Acts, ch 1253, § 120; 90 Acts, ch 1272, § 50

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