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260C.46 Program and administrative sharing.

By September 1, 1990, the department shall establish guidelines and an approval process for program sharing agreements and for administrative sharing agreements entered into by two or more community colleges or by a community college and a higher education institution under the control of the board of regents. Guidelines established shall be designed to increase student access to programs, enhance educational program offerings throughout the state, and enhance interinstitutional cooperation in program offerings. A community college must submit an application and obtain approval from the department in order to become eligible to receive funds from the community college excellence 2000 account under section 260D.14A* for an administrative sharing or program sharing agreement. The application shall describe the sharing agreement, costs, and benefits associated with the sharing proposal.

Section History: Recent form

90 Acts, ch 1253, §48 ~IC91, § 280A.46 ~IC93, § 260C.46

Internal References

Referred to in § 256.9, 260C.28


*Section 260D.14A repealed by 96 Acts, ch 1215, § 59; corrective legislation is pending

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