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260C.45 Quality instructional centers.

A quality instructional centers program is established for the community colleges to promote the creation or enhancement of high quality, unique, high cost, capital intensive, or highly specialized vocational-technical and occupational programs, which cannot be practically or economically offered at more than a few community colleges. The department of education shall establish criteria for the identification, approval, and review of programs for which an application for identification as a quality instructional center has been submitted.

A community college seeking to have a program identified as a quality instructional center shall submit an application to the department, describing the program, costs associated with program delivery, and current and projected student participation in the program. The department shall review each application, either accept or reject the application, and inform the applicant of the department's action on the application. Rejection of an application shall not preclude a community college from resubmitting the same or a different program for consideration as a candidate for identification as a quality instructional center.

A community college with an approved quality instructional center shall receive funds from the community college excellence 2000 account under section 260D.14A.*

The department shall provide assistance to community colleges to ensure that each community college is able to offer at least one program which meets the standards adopted for quality instructional centers.

A community college with an approved quality instructional center shall annually submit a report indicating how funds received during the past year were spent and the projections of the next year's funding needs. The department shall review the reports to determine which centers will continue to be identified as quality instructional centers and the next year's funding levels for each approved center.

Section History: Recent form

90 Acts, ch 1253, §47 ~IC91, § 280A.45 ~IC93, § 260C.45

Internal References

Referred to in § 260C.28


*Section 260D.14A repealed by 96 Acts, ch 1215, § 59; corrective legislation is pending

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