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257.20 Instructional support state aid appropriation.

1. In order to determine the amount of instructional support state aid and the amount of local funding for the instructional support program for a district, the department of management shall divide the total assessed valuation in the state by the total budget enrollment for the budget year in the state to determine a state assessed valuation per pupil and shall divide the assessed valuation in each district by the district's budget enrollment for the budget year to determine the district assessed valuation per pupil. The department of management shall multiply the ratio of the state's valuation per pupil to the district's valuation per pupil by twenty-five hundredths and subtract that result from one to determine the portion of the instructional support program budget that is local funding. The remaining portion of the budget shall be funded by instructional support state aid. However, for the budget year beginning July 1, 1992, only, the amount of state aid is three and one-quarter percent less than the amount computed under this paragraph for that budget year.

2. There is appropriated for each fiscal year from the general fund of the state to the department of education, an amount necessary to pay instructional support state aid as determined under subsection 1.

a. However, moneys appropriated under this subsection shall not exceed the amount of moneys appropriated as instructional support state aid for the budget year which commenced on July 1, 1992.

b. If the amount appropriated under this subsection is insufficient to pay the amount of instructional support state aid determined under subsection 1, the department of education shall prorate the amount of the instructional support state aid provided to each district.

3. If the general assembly makes an appropriation for instructional support state aid in lieu of the standing appropriation provided under subsection 2, the appropriation for instructional support state aid shall include in the appropriation the allocation of the instructional support state aid to the school districts applicable for that appropriation and subsections 1 and 2 do not apply to the appropriation.

4. Instructional support state aid shall be paid at the same time and in the same manner as foundation aid is paid under section 257.16.

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89 Acts, ch 135, § 20; 92 Acts, ch 1227, §16; 92 Acts, ch 1230, §8

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