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256C.3 Family resource centers---services provided.

Each family resource center shall address all of the following, and by July 1, 1997, shall offer all of the following:

1. Child development and education services that meet the requirements established for early childhood programs under chapter 256A.

2. All-day child care for children ages three and older who are not enrolled in school, before and after school child care for children ages twelve and younger who are enrolled in school during the time school is in session, and full-day child care for children ages twelve and younger who are enrolled in school during the time when school is not in session. All child care shall comply with federal and state child day care requirements.

3. Support services to parents of newborn infants to ascertain the parents' and infants' needs, provide the parents and infants with referrals to other services and organizations, and, if necessary, provide education in parenting skills to parents of newborn infants.

4. Support and educational services to parents whose children are participants in the child care services portion of the family resource center demonstration program and who are interested in obtaining a high school diploma or a high school equivalency diploma under chapter 259A. Parents and their preschool age children may attend classes in parenting and child learning skills together so as to promote the mutual pursuit of education and to enhance interaction between parent and child.

5. Training, technical assistance, and other support by the family resource center staff to family day care providers in the community. The center may serve as an information and referral clearinghouse for other child care needs and services in the community and shall coordinate the center's information and efforts with any child care delivery systems that may already exist in the community. The center may also provide an adolescent pregnancy prevention program, and other programs as the community determines, for adolescents emphasizing responsible decision making and communication skills.

6. Coordinated health and nutrition services for young children.

7. Other services deemed necessary or appropriate by the advisory committee.

8. A sliding scale for payment of child day care expenses provided at the family resource center based on an individual's ability to pay for services.

A family resource center shall coordinate services provided with existing federal, state, and local programs both to avoid duplication and to provide continuity of services. A family resource center shall, if possible, be located in a school building or in an existing community facility. Regardless of where the center is located, the school district shall be the primary decision-making body in any partnership established to create a family resource center. The establishment of a family resource center is a comprehensive school transformation program under chapter 294A.

Section History: Recent form

92 Acts, ch 1221, §6; 93 Acts, ch 150, § 4--;6

Internal References

Referred to in § 256.9, 256C.2

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