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256.45 Ambassador to education.

The department of education shall establish within the department the position of ambassador to education to act as an education liaison to primary and secondary schools in this state. The ambassador to education position shall be filled by the educator selected as teacher of the year by the governor, but only if that person agrees to fill the ambassador to education position.

The ambassador to education's duties shall be established by the director of the department and shall be tailored to the relative skills and educational background of the person designated as ambassador. Duties of the ambassador may include, but are not limited to, providing seminars and workshops in the subject matter area in which the ambassador possesses expertise, accompanying the director of the department of education in the exercise of the director's duties in the state, and speaking at public gatherings in the state.

The ambassador to education shall receive, in lieu of compensation from the district in which the ambassador is regularly employed, a salary which is equal to the amount of salary received by the person during the previous school year or thirty thousand dollars, whichever amount is greater. The ambassador shall also be compensated for actual expenses incurred as a result of the performance of duties under this section.

The district which employs the person selected as the ambassador to education shall grant the person a one-year sabbatical in order to allow the person to be the ambassador to education. The person selected as the ambassador to education shall be entitled to return to the person's same or a comparable position without loss of accrued benefits or seniority.

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90 Acts, ch 1272, §43

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