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256.10 Employment of professional staff.

The salary of the director shall be fixed by the governor within a range established by the general assembly. Appointments to the professional staff of the department shall be without reference to political party affiliation, religious affiliation, sex, or marital status, but shall be based solely upon fitness, ability, and proper qualifications for the particular position. The professional staff shall serve at the discretion of the director. A member of the professional staff shall not be dismissed for cause without at least ninety days' notice, except in cases of conviction of a felony or cases involving moral turpitude. In cases of procedure for dismissal, the accused has the same right to notice and hearing as teachers in the public school systems as provided in section 279.27 to the extent that it is applicable.

Section History: Recent form

86 Acts, ch 1245, § 1410

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Referred to in § 256.9

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