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235A.19 Examination, requests for correction or expungement and appeal.

1. A subject of a child abuse report, as identified in section 235A.15, subsection 2, paragraph "a", shall have the right to examine child abuse information in the registry which refers to the subject. The registry may prescribe reasonable hours and places of examination.

2. a. A subject of a child abuse report may file with the department within six months of the date of the notice of the results of an investigation required by section 232.71, subsection 7, a written statement to the effect that child abuse information referring to the subject is in whole or in part erroneous, and may request a correction of that information or of the findings of the investigation report. The department shall provide the subject with an opportunity for an evidentiary hearing pursuant to chapter 17A to correct the information or the findings, unless the department corrects the information or findings as requested. The department shall delay the expungement of information which is not determined to be founded until the conclusion of a proceeding to correct the information or findings. The department may defer the hearing until the conclusion of a pending juvenile or district court case relating to the information or findings.

b. The department shall not disclose any child abuse information until the conclusion of the proceeding to correct the information or findings, except as follows:

(1) As necessary for the proceeding itself.

(2) To the parties and attorneys involved in a judicial proceeding.

(3) For the regulation of child care or child placement.

(4) Pursuant to court order.

(5) To the subject of an investigation or a report.

(6) For the care or treatment of a child named in a report as a victim of abuse.

(7) To persons involved in an investigation of child abuse.

3. The subject of a child abuse report may appeal the decision resulting from a hearing held pursuant to subsection 2 to the district court of Polk county or to the district court of the district in which the subject of the child abuse report resides. Immediately upon appeal the court shall order the department to file with the court a certified copy of the child abuse information. Appeal shall be taken in accordance with chapter 17A.

4. Upon the request of the appellant, the record and evidence in such cases shall be closed to all but the court and its officers, and access thereto shall be prohibited unless otherwise ordered by the court. The clerk shall maintain a separate docket for such actions. No person other than the appellant shall permit a copy of any of the testimony or pleadings or the substance thereof to be made available to any person other than a party to the action or the party's attorney. Violation of the provisions of this subsection shall be a public offense punishable under section 235A.21.

5. Whenever the registry corrects or eliminates information as requested or as ordered by the court, the registry shall advise all persons who have received the incorrect information of such fact. Upon application to the court and service of notice on the registry, any subject of a child abuse report may request and obtain a list of all persons who have received child abuse information referring to the subject.

6. In the course of any proceeding provided for by this section, the identity of the person who reported the disputed information and the identity of any person who has been reported as having abused a child may be withheld upon a determination by the registry that disclosure of their identities would be detrimental to their interests.

Section History: Early form

[C75, 77, 79, 81, § 235A.19]

Section History: Recent form

85 Acts, ch 173, § 18; 89 Acts, ch 230, § 21; 92 Acts, ch 1143, § 5; 94 Acts, ch 1130, §10; 95 Acts, ch 49, § 3

Internal References

Referred to in § 216A.136, 232.68, 232.71, 232.71A, 235A.12, 235A.13, 235A.15, 235A.18

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