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232.69 Mandatory and permissive reporters---training required.

1. The following classes of persons shall make a report within twenty-four hours and as provided in section 232.70, of cases of child abuse:

a. Every health practitioner who in the scope of professional practice, examines, attends, or treats a child and who reasonably believes the child has been abused. Notwithstanding section 140.3, this provision applies to a health practitioner who receives information confirming that a child is infected with a sexually transmitted disease.

b. Any of the following persons who, in the scope of professional practice or in their employment responsibilities, examines, attends, counsels, or treats a child and reasonably believes a child has suffered abuse:

(1) A self-employed social worker.

(2) A social worker under the jurisdiction of the department of human services.

(3) A social worker employed by a public or private agency or institution.

(4) An employee or operator of a public or private health care facility as defined in section 135C.1.

(5) A certified psychologist.

(6) A licensed school employee.

(7) An employee or operator of a licensed child care center or registered group day care home or registered family day care home.

(8) An employee or operator of a substance abuse program or facility licensed under chapter 125.

(9) An employee of a department of human services institution listed in section 218.1.

(10) An employee or operator of a juvenile detention or juvenile shelter care facility approved under section 232.142.

(11) An employee or operator of a foster care facility licensed or approved under chapter 237.

(12) An employee or operator of a mental health center.

(13) A peace officer.

(14) A dental hygienist.

(15) A counselor, or mental health professional.

2. Any other person who believes that a child has been abused may make a report as provided in section 232.70.

3. A person required to make a report under subsection 1, other than a physician whose professional practice does not regularly involve providing primary health care to children, shall complete two hours of training relating to the identification and reporting of child abuse within six months of initial employment or self-employment involving the examination, attending, counseling, or treatment of children on a regular basis. Within one month of initial employment or self-employment, the person shall obtain a statement of the abuse reporting requirements from the person's employer or, if self-employed, from the department. The person shall complete at least two hours of additional child abuse identification and reporting training every five years. If the person is an employee of a hospital or similar institution, or of a public or private institution, agency, or facility, the employer shall be responsible for providing the child abuse identification and reporting training. If the person is self-employed, the person shall be responsible for obtaining the child abuse identification and reporting training. The person may complete the initial or additional training as part of a continuing education program required under chapter 272C or may complete the training as part of a training program offered by the department of human services, the department of education, an area education agency, a school district, the Iowa law enforcement academy, or a similar public agency.

Section History: Early form

[C66, 71, 73, 75, 77, § 235A.3; C79, 81, § 232.69]

Section History: Recent form

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Internal References

Referred to in § 135H.13, 232.68, 232.70, 232.75, 232.77, 235B.16, 237.9, 910A.16

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