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228.3 Voluntary disclosures.

1. An individual eighteen years of age or older or an individual's legal representative may consent to the dis- closure of mental health information relating to the individual by a mental health professional, data collector, or employee or agent of a mental health professional, of a data collector, or of or for a mental health facility, by signing a voluntary written authorization. The authorization shall:

a. Specify the nature of the mental health information to be disclosed, the persons or type of persons authorized to disclose the information, and the purposes for which the in- formation may be used both at the time of the disclosure and in the future.

b. Advise the individual of the individual's right to inspect the disclosed mental health information at any time.

c. State that the authorization is subject to revocation and state the conditions of revocation.

d. Specify the length of time for which the authorization is valid.

e. Contain the date on which the authorization was signed.

2. A copy of the authorization shall:

a. Be provided to the individual or to the legal representative of the individual authorizing the disclosure.

b. Be included in the individual's record of mental health information.

Section History: Recent form

86 Acts, ch 1082, § 3; 88 Acts, ch 1226, § 6, 7, 9

Internal References

Referred to in § 228.2, 228.9

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