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225C.6 Duties of commission.

1. To the extent funding is available, the commission shall perform the following duties:

a. Advise the administrator on administration of the overall state plans for disability services.

b. Adopt necessary rules pursuant to chapter 17A which relate to disability programs and services, including but not limited to definitions of each disability included within the term "disability services" as necessary for purposes of state and regional planning, programs, and services.

c. Adopt standards for accreditation of community mental health centers and comprehensive community mental health programs recommended under section 230A.16.

d. Adopt standards for the care of and services to persons with mental illness and mental retardation residing in county care facilities recommended under section 227.4.

e. Adopt standards for the delivery of disability services by the division, and for the maintenance and operation of public or private facilities offering services to persons with disabilities, which are not subject to licensure by the department or the department of inspections and appeals, and review the standards employed by the department or the department of inspections and appeals for licensing facilities which provide services to persons with disabilities.

f. Assure that proper appeal procedures are available to persons aggrieved by decisions, actions, or circumstances relating to accreditation.

g. Award grants from the state and federal government as well as other moneys that become available to the division for grant purposes.

h. Review and rank applications for federal mental health grants prior to submission to the appropriate federal agency.

i. Annually submit to the governor and the general assembly:

(1) A report concerning the activities of the commission.

(2) Recommendations formulated by the commission for changes in law.

j. By January 1 of each odd-numbered year, submit to the governor and the general assembly an evaluation of:

(1) The extent to which services to persons with disabilities stipulated in the state plans are actually available to persons in each county in the state.

(2) The cost effectiveness of the services being provided by each of the state mental health institutes established under chapter 226 and state hospital-schools established under chapter 222.

(3) The cost effectiveness of programs carried out by randomly selected providers receiving money from the state for disability services.

k. Advise the administrator, the council on human services, the governor, and the general assembly on budgets and appropriations concerning disability services.

l. Consult with the Iowa governor's planning council for developmental disabilities at least twice a year.

m. Establish standards for the provision under medical assistance of individual case management services.

n. Establish standards for the structure of a service coordination system which ensures a linkage between the service coordination system and individual case management services.

o. Identify model eligibility guidelines for disability services.

p. Identify model guidelines for purchase of disability services and for disability service reimbursement methodologies.

q. Prepare, for mental health and developmental disabilities regional planning councils, advance estimates of state and, to the extent possible, federal funds available to counties for purchase of disability services.

r. Identify basic disability services for planning purposes.

s. Prepare five-year plans based upon the plans developed by mental health and developmental disabilities regional planning councils.

t. Identify disability services which are eligible for state payment under the mental health and developmental disabilities community services fund created in section 225C.7.

2. Notwithstanding section 217.3, subsection 6, the commission may adopt the rules authorized by subsection 1, pursuant to chapter 17A, without prior review and approval of those rules by the council on human services.

Section History: Early form

[C66, 71, 73, 75, 77, § 225B.4, 225B.7; C79, 81, § 225B.3(2); S81, § 225C.5; 81 Acts, ch 78, § 6, 20]

Section History: Recent form

83 Acts, ch 96, § 157, 159; 88 Acts, ch 1245, § 1; 94 Acts, ch 1170, §15

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